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3-1/2 yr old frequent urination undiagnoses



My 3-1/2 yr old boy has frequent urination that started abruptly. Goes to bathroom sometimes every time minutes, usually more early a.m. and late p.m. Seen by ped urology specialist who says he has some irritation, small amount of stricture. Diagnosis use bactroban on end of penis which he has been doing for 1-1/2 weeks. He is a little better, but holds his penis like it hurts and doesn`t like to wear his underwear sometimes. Should we get a second opinion?


Irritation to the tip of the penis around the opening is called “meatitis”. This can sometimes cause children this age to have urinary frequency and discomfort. The treatment is typically a topical antibiotic and sometimes steroid cream. Other causes of urinary frequency at this age include constipation, urinary tract infections, and bladder irritants (such as citrus juices, chocolate, caffeinated drinks, and carbonated drinks). On occasion, a kidney and bladder ultrasound can be helpful to rule out rare causes of urinary frequency. If his symptoms do not improve within a couple of weeks, then the next step would be to have y our child re-examined by the urologist or your pediatrician.

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