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Lung Carcinoid Tumorlets



I had a lung biopsy and have been diagnosed with carcinoid tumorletts in both of my lungs and I am scared and confused about this dignosis as I have been told there is no real cure for this condtion. I am living a misrable life due to a constant cough every day, shortness of breath and feeling weak and having body pains from coughing everyday for aprox 8 years and spitting out sputom. What do you think my prognosis may be. Can I develop lung cancer from this diagnois?


Thank you for your question. Very little is known regarding the causes of carcinoid tumorlets of the lung, and they are often an incidental finding on lung biopsy. They can, however, be associated with inflammatory and fibrotic conditions of the lung. Cough and shortness of breath can occur with tumorlets. The prognosis is usually quite good, but this condition can progress to actual carcinoid tumors. I would suggest, however, that you discuss with your primary physician other potential causes for your symptoms.

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