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Sinus Congestion Only When Sleeping



My 3 year old daughter had a cold and was treated for an ear infection about 3 weeks ago. Prescribed Amoxicillin for 10 days. Treatment completed. Day after started with fever, chills and threw up. Dr. perscribed Augmentin. Started treatment, fever persists after 4 days, throws up once a day. Most important, has a gurgling in her nasal passages at night when she sleeps. Wakes her up at night. what to do?


The treatment for the ear infection you describe appears to be according to established guidelines. I cannot speak to the follow-up treatment with augmentin as a viral infection can have the same symptoms which you give, but I don’t have the perspective of the health care provider seeing the child to make an informed comment.
That said, the average number of colds a child has per year is estimated to be between 6 and 8, meaning that some children will average more, some less. It is common for a parent to feel that their child has a runny nose from fall to spring especially if the child is in school, daycare, and/or has older siblings in these settings bring the germs home.
The general management for colds or runny noses is plenty of liquids, appropriate sleep for age (11-13 hours per night for a three year old), and good nutrition.

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