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How Do I Know if I Took Drinking to Far?



I know I have taking it to far, but after drinking very heavy for several days I have gastritis very bad, and my kidneys have some pain. My lower right stomach has some to. In the past this has happen, and I stopped drinking and the pain went away. The gastritis is much worse this time around. I`ve had a test done on my kidneys and checked my live checked and nothing looked to bad about 1 year ago. My concern is I was not very smart, and I did not drink enough water during this last binge. Could this be the effects I`m feeling? Thank you for your time.


Thank you for your question. There is clearly nothing normal about your use of alcohol and you should quit drinking. You deserve to feel better than you do.
You can and will be successful in quitting, and the sooner you quit the less physical, personal and emotional pain and suffering you will endure. If you need help quitting then access the resources available through your County Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Mental Health Services Board, or the resources available through this web site.

Physical problems like the ones you describe are very common when a person is drinking in a toxic way. Physical issues are pretty reversible and tend to heal over time, but the other problems associated with your drinking are less reversible and are more personally painful.

The physical problems tend to occur after many years of inter-personal, emotional and social problems. That is why it is so important for you to address the issue soon and stop drinking completely. I hope this is helpful information to you.

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