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Diet and Nutrition

Physical Activity: The Health Connection

Are you willing to invest 30 minutes a day in your health? According to studies, 30 minutes of moderate activity on most days of the week will lower your chances of having a stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, colon cancer, and several other medical conditions. Besides improving your health, regular physical activity will help to strengthen muscles, improve balance, slow bone loss, improve sleep patterns, reduce stress, and build confidence. If you are trying to lose or maintain weight, you might want to burn more calories by engaging in 60 minutes of moderate or vigorous activity on most days (and of course you need to control your caloric intake also).

What type of activity is recommended?

A comprehensive physical activity program includes 3 types of activity:

How do I choose an activity? Well, your choice depends on several factors:

*Information from National Institutes of Health Publication No. 06-5714 (June, 2006)

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Last Reviewed: Oct 10, 2006

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