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Prostate Cancer

Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer requires treatment, but the options are based on the patient's age, the characteristics of the cancer, and the desires of the patient. All of the treatments have improved over the last decade. Many can sure the disease, if caught early through regular screening. Advanced prostate cancer that has metastasized but remains untreated carries with it a very poor prognosis. Treatment is important not only to relieve any symptoms the patient may have but also to delay the progression of the disease.


Medical Professionals Who Treat Prostate Cancer

Urologists, medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists are all involved in the management of this disease. Many urologists are well trained in prostate surgery, and radiation therapists at most community hospitals and medical centers have the capability of caring for patients undergoing these procedures.

Treatment Options

Your doctor should work with you to decide which treatments are best for you. You should take your time when deciding on your treatment. Seek a second opinion from another doctor so you'll have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Your treatment options can be affect by:

Depending on those factors, you have a variety of treatment options:

Side Effects

There are side effects with most of these treatments. They include:

Alternative Therapies

Commonly asked questions about alternatives treatments for prostate cancer:

  1. Could you tell me about Green Tea? Does decaffeination affect its value?
  2. Are there instances that you know of where the body will fight off the cancer on its own
  3. Could you tell me about saw palmetto?
  4. What is the Kegel exercise and how should I properly do it?

Could you tell me about Green tea? Does decaffeination affect its value?

There has been some research to suggest the value of green tea in possibly preventing prostate cancer, but clinical trials have yet to be carried out. Decaffeination should not affect the possible value of green tea.

Are there instances that you know of where the body will fight off the cancer on its own?

There is no evidence that the immune system will effectively manage prostate cancer on its own.

Could you tell me about saw palmetto?

Saw palmetto is being used with increasing frequency for the treatment of difficulty with urination secondary to Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).  It is safe and appears to be effective in some patients. There are many studies currently being carried out to determine its effectiveness.

What is the Kegel exercise and how should I properly do it?

Kegel, or pelvic floor muscle exercises, are done to strengthen the muscles that support the urethra, bladder, and rectum. When these muscles get weak, they can contribute to urinary problems.

To perform the exercise, attempt to tighten the muscles of the anal and urethral sphincters as if you had a strong urge to urinate but did not want to. Hold the muscles for as long as you can - usually less than one minute. These can be done every 4 hours while you are awake.

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