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Sperm agglutination



My lab test shows that I have sperm agglutination. My questions are: 1. Can it be cured? 2. Will the level of agglutination be different in various tests? 3. Can it be solved by not doing sex for a few months? If not, what can I do for curing it? Thanks a lot!


Sperm agglutination (sperm sticking together) can be caused by various inflammatory conditions, and are most commonly seen with the presence of antisperm antibodies (substances that cause the sperm to stick together).  This can have an adverse effect on fertility and is often seen in males following vasectomy reversal.  It could also be seen in patients with increased white blood cells in the semen which can be associated with prostatitis.  If there is no evidence an infection, treatment primarily consists of sperm processing (either intrauterine insemination (IUI), or in vitro fertilization (IVF)).  

At this point, you should probably seek the advice of an infertility specialist.   

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