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a non-profit consumer health web site that has been in operation for over ten years. It provides high quality information created and evaluated by medical and health professional faculty at the:

Case Western Reserve University
The Ohio State University
University of Cincinnati.

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improving the health of Ohioans and people worldwide through information that is scientifically sound, high quality, and unbiased.

Ask an Expert features…

over 500 health professionals, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, dentists, genetics counselors, optometrists, athletic trainers, and social workers who answer all legitimate questions, usually within a few days. Answer Policy

NetWellness is always changing…

by adding new content daily. Check back often for the latest information on virtually any health topic or to ask an expert about the latest health developments.

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because we’re here to fill your health information needs. We read every feedback message, and will respond to you directly if you give us your e-mail address. Based on your needs, we add new features and services continuously.

NetWellness began in 1994…

with grant support from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. For NetWellness’ history, Today, in addition to the three university partners, the U.S. federal government is NetWellness’ primary financial supporter.

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by becoming a NetWellness sponsor. NetWellness provides significant opportunities for companies and public agencies to become associated with a health web service of the highest quality and integrity. For more information about our supporters and about how to take advantage of a relationship with NetWellness, click here.

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  • Email:

  • Phone: 513-558-8766

  • US Mail: NetWellness
    231 Albert Sabin Way
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    University of Cincinnati
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45267

NetWellness supporters are saying…

“The Internet provides widespread, anytime access to information. Using this tool to help people become more informed about their health can help people lead healthier lifestyles, make better decisions, and learn where to turn when they need more help. Ohio has been a leader in this area and I’m glad to continue to support this important health outreach with these funds [fiscal year 2003 grant].”
Senator George Voinovich (R-OH), March 2003

“As Chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services and Education, I am pleased to assist in providing these funds [fiscal year 2003 grant]. As the Internet becomes an increasingly important source of information in many areas, including health, a non-profit site such as NetWellness, has exceptional value. It ensures that the collective expertise of Ohio’s three premier research universities is available to all the nation’s citizens.”
Rep. Ralph Regula, (R-Navarre), March 2003

“With origins in Ohio, NetWellness has been able to offer the collective expertise of three premier universities to become an important nationwide resource to address the needs of many different and diverse communities. With this funding [fiscal year 2003 grant], NetWellness can continue to develop information vital to both public and individual health, including bioterror preparedness, stroke, fitness and cancer.”
Rep. Dave Hobson (R-Springfield), March 2003

“In this information age, there is no better source than NetWellness to keep up with the latest news and developments in health and medicine.”
Bob Taft, Ohio Governor

“NetWellness, we believe, is going to save people’s lives.”
Senator George Voinovich, as Ohio Governor

“I am proud that the state has supported this effort and will continue to support this effort.”
Hope Taft, Ohio’s First Lady

“Ohio is committed to keeping its citizens healthy. NetWellness will help us achieve this goal by making Ohioans the most knowledgeable consumers of health care anywhere.”

Former Representative Rose Vesper
72nd Ohio House District

Governor’s Regional Representative
Ohio Department of Development